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Festival Kontakt

The International Theatre Festival Kontakt

Festival KONTAKT, organized by Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń since 1991, was the first one after régime transformation in Poland, but also the first international meeting In Central and Eastern Europe, confronting the theatre ensembles from East and West. Among our guest, we also had companies from Asia and North America. The importance of festival, from the very beginning, depends on artistic value of presented performances. KONTAKT festival was a turning point in career of many, nowadays renowned, theatre directors from Eastern parts of Europe, who sometimes for the first time had the opportunity to present their works to the western audience and to confront with western theatres. This also concerns Polish performance for which KONTAKT festival for many years has been a promotional window to the world. 

KONTAKT gathers each year about 100 international observers (theatre practitioners, critics, theatre academy students, directors of European festivals) and journalists. 

In May 2012 our festival will celebrate its 21th anniversary. We will show the latest achievements of a few most recognized laureates of previous editions. They will be accompanied by the  performances of well known creators visiting KONTAKT for the first time as well as some promising young directors, not yet recognized by international audience. It will be a great opportunity for reflections about the future of  KONTAKT festival as its current formula, although still working well, is already 21 years old. 

Festival KONTAKT takes place every two years in the last week of May in Toruń. Its 21th edition will be during May 19-25, 2012. 

Festival KONTAKT is a competition as every performance is assessed by the international jury awarding three main festival prizes. There is also a possibility for individuals, institutions or companies to found an extra prize. 

Within the frames of KONTAKT there are also numerous additional events like art exhibitions, movie presentations, concerts. One of the most important feature of the festival KONTAKT is the opportunity for the audience to meet actors and creators of every presented performance.

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